A Tradition in Bicycle Racing Since 1940!

When Fred Kugler, a former professional bike racer and owner of a local bike shop, now universally know as “Pop,” envisioned organizing a bike race in his quaint New Jersey hometown of Somerville, he encountered a significant obstacle. New Jersey state law posed a challenge, as it prohibited racing on highways for prizes, and Somerville’s Main Street doubled as State Highway 28. To circumvent this legislative barrier, Kugler ingeniously opted to label the race a “tour,” thus giving rise to the inaugural 50-mile Tour of Somerville in May of 1940.

Kugler’s son Furman, a past National Cycling champion and one of the country’s most promising cyclists, won the inaugural Tour of Somerville in 1940 and repeated his victory in 1941. Carl Anderson, a friend of the Kuglers’ won the Tour in 1942. World War II suspended the Tour from 1943-1946 and its Memorial Day date took on a sad irony when Kugler and Anderson were both killed while serving with the Armed Forces overseas. Resuming in 1947, the Senior Men’s race of the Tour of Somerville was officially renamed the Kugler-Anderson Memorial, in honor of the two past winners who gave their lives for their country.

Throughout its nearly eight-decade history, the Tour of Somerville has witnessed the participation of numerous legendary cyclists and has served as a showcase for emerging talents in the sport. Former winners of the race include several national champions and Olympic athletes, highlighting the event’s significance within the cycling community.

Over the years, the Tour of Somerville has evolved and grown, adapting to changing trends in cycling and expanding its reach beyond the local community. The race has consistently drawn large crowds of spectators, both avid cycling enthusiasts and casual observers, who gather along the route to witness the excitement and cheer on the riders.

Kugler-Anderson Memorial Results

1940Furman KuglerSomerville, NJ
1941Furman KuglerSomerville, NJ
1942Carl AndersonClifton, NJ
1943No RaceWorld War II
1944No RaceWorld War II
1945No RaceWorld War II
1946No RaceWorld War II
1947Donald SheldonNutley, NJ
1948Donald SheldonNutley, NJ
1949Frank BrilandoChicago, IL
1950Richard CortrightBuffalo, NY
1951Francis MertensNew York, NY
1952Ernest SeubertNew York, NY
1953Hugh StarrsCranford, NJ
1954John ChiselkoSomerville, NJ
1955Pat MurphyCanada
1956Jack HeidWestwood, NJ
1957Arnold UhrlassYonkers, NY
1958Art LongsjoFitchburg, MA
1959Rupert WaitlBrooklyn, NY
1960Mike HiltnerLos Gatos, CA
1961Robert McKnownMalden, MA
1962Richard CentoreBronx, NY
1963Olaf MoetusIndianapolis, IN
1964Hans WolfeOzone Park, NY
1965Eckhard VeihoverGermany
1966John AschenBronx, NY
1967Jack Simes IICloster, NJ
1968Siegi KochChicago, IL
1969Jack Simes IICloster, NJ
1970Robert FarrellNew York, NY
1971Edward ParrottNew York, NY
1972Roger YoungDetroit, MI
1973Ron SkarinNorth Hollywood, CA
1974Ron SkarinNorth Hollywood, CA
1975Rory O’ReillyCalifornia
1976Dave BollStanford, CA
1977Dave WareMiami, FL
1978Jocelyn LovellCanada
1979William MartinBradford Woods, PA
1980Steve BauerCanada
1981Wayne StetinaIndianapolis, IN
1982Gary TevisiolOntario, Canada
1983Steve BauerCanada
1984Davis PhinneyBoulder, CO
1985Matt EatonRenfrew, PA
1986Marc MaertensBelgium
1987Paul PearsonAllentown, PA
1988Roberto GaggioliPhiladelphia, PA
1989Graeme MillerNew Zealand
1990Matt EatonRenfrew, PA
1991Brian MaroneyEllicott City, MD
1992Jonas CarneyLebanon, NJ
1993Gary AndersonNew Zealand
1994Jamey CarneyAnnadale, NJ
1995Jason SnowBuzzards Bay, MA
1996Julian DeanNew Zealand
1997Brett AitkenFogelsville, PA
1998Jonas CarneyLebanon, NJ
1999Eric WohlbergToronto, Canada
2000Jonas CarneyAsheville, NC
2001Eric WohlbergToronto, Canada
2002Jonas CarneyMilwaukee, WI
2003Jonas CarneyWinter Park, CO
2004Victor RapinskiLeicester, MA
2005Kyle WamsleyMacungie, PA
2006Juan HaedoColombia
2007HIlton ClarkeOrmond, Victoria, Australia
2008Lucas HaedoLinden, NJ
2009Lucas HaedoLinden, NJ
2010Ben KerstenAustralia
2011Timothy GudsellNew Zealand
2012Luke KeoughSandwich, MA
2013HIlton ClarkeOrmond, Victoria, Australia
2014Adam AlexanderNew York, NY
2015Andrew DalheimGreenville, SC
2016Scott SavoryNew York, NY
2017Noah GraniganCape May Court House, NJ
2018Shane KlineBally, PA
2019Connor SalleeTulsa, OK
2020No RacePandemic
2021No RaceHurricane
2022George JacksonWellington, New Zealand
2023Danny EstevezWorcester, MA

Mildred-Kugler Memorial Women’s Winners

1976Mary Jane ReochPhiladelphia, PA
1977Karen StrongOntario, Canada
1978Sue NovaraFlint, MI
1979Karen StrongOntario, Canada
1980Karen StrongOntario, Canada
1981Karen StrongOntario, Canada
1982Sue Novara-ReberFlint, MI
1983Sue Novara-ReberFlint, MI
1984Sue Novara-ReberFlint, MI
1985Peggy MassFort Worth, TX
1986Sophie EatonRenfrew, PA
1987Henny TopHolland
1988Susan EliasReadfield, ME
1989Susan EliasReadfield, ME
1990Jan BollandCollinsville, CT
1991Karen Bliss-LivingstonLewisburg, PA
1992Laura CharmedaFulton, CA
1993Marianne BerglundSkellefteå, Sweden
1994Jeanne GolayCoral Gables, FL
1995Jessica GriecoEmerson, NJ
1996Jessica GriecoEmerson, NJ
1997Karen Bliss-LivingstonLewisburg, PA
1998Karen Bliss-LivingstonLewisburg, PA
1999Laura Van GilderPocono Pines, PA
2000Tina Pic Alexandria, VA
2001Christina UnderwoodCharlotte, NC
2002Laura Van GilderPocono Pines, PA
2003Sarah Uhl Philadelphia, PA
2004Melissa Sanbom Eugene, OR
2005Laura Van Gilder Pocono Pines, PA
2006Tina Pic Alexandria, VA
2007Theresa Cliff-Ryan Cedar Springs, MI
2008Tina Pic Alexandria, VA
2009Tina Pic Alexandria, VA
2010Theresa Cliff-Ryan Cedar Springs, MI
2011Theresa Cliff-Ryan Cedar Springs, MI
2012Ruth WinderWest Yorkshire, UK
2013Kimberly Wells New South Wales, AUS
2014Erica Carney (Allar) Fogelsville, PA
2015Lauretta Hanson Victoria, AUS
2016Ellen Watters New Brunswick, CAN
2017Laura Van Gilder Pocono Pines, PA
2018Laura Van Gilder Pocono Pines, PA
2019Maggie Coyles-LysterMaple Ridge, BC, CAN
2020No RacePandemic
2021No RaceHurricane
2022Katia MartinezMonterey, MEX
2023Jessica Chong Allentown, PA