The 79th Tour of Somerville will take place on Monday, May 27, 2024, in Downtown Somerville. This bike race is the longest-running in the country, established in 1940 by Fred “Pop” Kugler and continued in honor of his son, Furman, who died serving the country in World War II. In 2023, we attracted 11,200 spectators to the area, with a majority living within 30 miles of Somerville. These spectators remained on Main Street for an average of 1.5 hours each, passionately engaging with this historic event. We hope you will be open for the day to welcome these spectators and show them how amazing Somerville is so they return. Most attendees return to Somerville an average of 3x per year. 

The organizing committee is offering Main Street businesses premium advertising opportunities at a discounted rate until April 30, 2024, as a show of appreciation for their contribution to the vibrancy of Somerville. Thank you for your support!

Capture the opportunity to enhance your business presence with us at the Tour of Somerville – where every advertisement holds substantial value and impact!

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